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We have uncovered great freelance talent to meet your needs in our curated network of vetted international blockchain developers.

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From React and React Native to Django and Solidity, our network has all of your needs covered.

Average Years of Experience

With an average professional career of 7.5 years, our developers need minimal management.

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Find developers that match your budget - with a wide range of rates, we can find you a perfect fit.

Jin Long
Blockchain / Full Stack / Mobile Developer
Located in China 🇨🇳
7 years of experience
Top Skills:
Electron • NoSQL • Solidity • Web3.js • React Native
Math • Swimming • Blockchain
Kei Nakano
Blockchain / Full Stack Developer
Located in Japan 🇯🇵
8 years of experience
Top Skills:
Solidity • Rust • Web3.js • React.js • Node.js • Vue.js • Laravel
Football • Table Tennis • Reading
Ali Akyol
Blockchain / Mobile Developer
Located in Turkey 🇹🇷
10 years of experience
Top Skills:
Solidity • React Native • React • PHP • Node.js
Blogging • Mobile Development

How did we find this curated network?

We unlocked overlooked talent by focusing on what value people can create rather than where they live or what they sound like.

Reputation Vetting

During our preliminary interview there are a series of questions relating to past work and relationships.

Skill Vetting

Each applicant will get challenges on their top blockchain skills to ensure their skill level is accurate.

Identity Vetting

Every talent network applicant must show proof of identity to one of our Freeflow team members.

Hidden Gems

Excellent people are all over the world, but sometimes people aren’t given a chance because of where they are from or what they sound like. We allow everyone to shine.

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We keep track of your hiring patterns to make it even smoother in the future.

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